Nevada 150 Celebration

Renegades of the Reno-Tahoe Open

2014 Renegades To-Date:


Be-Be Adams
Jim Bauserman
Brad Bell
Mike Bosma
Jim Brant
Lynn Brown
Nic Brown
Gary Carano
Gino Carano
Glenn Carano
Gregg Carano
Bob  Cashell
Steve Ceroke
Susan Chauncy
John    Coats
Dennis Conrad
Jim DeVolld
Ryan Dolan
Todd Eekhoff
Joe Erlach
Mark Estee
Jeff Frame
Bob  Francl
Steve Frank
Wayne Frediani
Sean Gamble
Pat Gaskill
Mark Gilmartin
Rick Graver
Peter Gunnerman
Ann Hall
Jesse Haw
Holmes Hendrickson
Mike Hix
Joe  Hollen
Bill Hughes
Rob Humphreys
Tina Iftiger
Kurt Jensen
Marc Johnson
Dan  Kahl
Mike Kazmierski
Mike Kitson
Frank Lepori
Don Long
Liza Maupin
Dick McConnell
Rob McMullen
Derik Mooberry
Rick Murdock
Rich Oster
Tim Ottmann
George Peek
Michael Pelster
Gloria Petroni
Frank Picone
Daniel Rowan
Bob  Sader
James Sande
John III Sande
Phil Satre
Maria Sheehan
Charles Sherven
Dave Simonsen
Jack Stanko
Stephen Stepler
Chase Stigall
Ted Stoever
Dian Vanderwell
Chris Vargas
Denny Williams
Daniel Woods
Dusty Wunderlich


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Renegades, be sure to mark your calendars for April 8th 2014, when the Reno-Tahoe Open will host its first-ever Masters Draught party! This Renegades-only party will feature Augusta-themed fare and Coors Light, plus the chance to win cash if your randomly-assigned Masters contender wins. Check out this invitation below and be sure to RSVP today today 775-322-3900 or to